Discover the Unmatched Excellence of the Honda Amaze at Solitaire Honda – Your Trusted Honda Amaze Car Dealers in Borivali Mumbai!

Looking for Honda Amaze Car Dealers in Borivali Mumbai? Look no further! At Solitaire Honda in Borivali, we are proud to present the new Honda Amaze, a 5-seater subcompact sedan that promises a safe and comfortable drive. Let’s delve into the 10 distinctive features that set the Honda Amaze apart, making it the ideal choice for those seeking excellence on the road.

Enhanced Dimensions for a Grand Presence:

The new Honda Amaze boasts increased dimensions, creating an impression of grandeur on the road. With a length extended by 5mm and width by 15mm from its predecessor, the Amaze commands attention. Check out the impressive dimensions below:

Length: 3995 mm
Width: 1695 mm
Height: 1501 mm
Ground Clearance: 165 mm
Fuel Capacity: 35 litres

Versatile and Spacious Interiors:

Step into the Honda Amaze at Solitaire Honda, your go-to Honda Amaze Car Dealers in Borivali, and experience a car that offers a dual-tone interior theme with black & beige-colored seats and a dashboard. Revel in the comfort of high-quality contoured bucket seats with adjustable headrests and premium fabric stitching. With approximately 420 litres of boot space and extra storage pockets, the Amaze ensures a spacious and comfortable journey.

Distinctive Style for a Confident Drive:

The Honda Amaze exudes confidence with its distinctive style, featuring advanced LED projector headlamps, signature LED DRLs, shark fin antenna, diamond-cut two-tone multi-spoke R15 alloy wheels, trunk spoiler with LED, chrome door visor, FR & RR bumper protectors, and garnish door edge.

Powerful Air Conditioning System:

Beat the heat with the powerful air conditioning system in the new Honda Amaze. Whether you opt for the petrol or diesel variant, enjoy quick cabin cooling with volumes ranging from 58cc to 83cc (petrol) and 110cc to 120cc (diesel).

Top-notch Safety Features:

Safety is a top priority with the Amaze’s ergonomically designed features, including standard dual airbags, Multiview camera with guidelines, ACE body structure, ECU immobilizer system, rear parking camera, ISOFIX, and ABS with EBD for proper steering control.

Colors and Variants to Suit Your Style:

Choose from five stunning colors – Lunar Silver, Golden Brown Metallic, Radiant Red, Orchid White Pearl, and Modern Steel Metallic. The Honda Amaze is available in three variants: “E,” “S,” and “VX.”

Dynamic Transmission for High Performance:

Powered by a 6-speed manual transmission, a robust 1.2-litre i-VTEC petrol engine, and a 1.5-litre i-DTEC diesel engine, the Amaze delivers high-performance refinement. Experience smooth and responsive acceleration with CVT technology.

Exemplary Mileage for Fuel Efficiency:

Revolutionize your driving experience with the Honda Amaze’s i-VTEC and i-DTEC technologies. Approved by ARAI, the car offers an impressive mileage range of 18.3 kmpl to 24.7 kmpl, making it a compact and fuel-efficient choice.

To witness the Shandaar features of the Honda Amaze in action, book a test drive now at Solitaire Honda in Borivali. Connect with us and avail exciting benefits. As your reliable partner on the road, we are committed to delivering excellence on every drive. Drive the extraordinary – Drive the Honda Amaze!

Car Photoshoot Ideas: (Snap & Shoot)

Are you looking for the best creative ideas to take your car photography to the next level? If so, we can advise you on the best solution. You have come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss a variety of different ways to make your photos stand out from the rest.

In car photography, it requires great attention to detail, composition, styling, and lighting. A professional car photographer captures both the interior and exterior of each automobile, taking into consideration all these elements to create stunning images. Professional car photographers are also used for enhancing digital images through photo editing software programs. This can include color correction, adjusting contrast levels, sharpening details, and more.

Evolving car photography requires advanced automotive technology and the latest cameras. Today’s professional car photographers must have an in-depth knowledge of digital imaging software and an understanding of various lighting techniques. Car photography is not about taking beautiful pictures; it’s also about capturing the story behind each car and its unique features.

Car photoshoots can be a lot of fun, and there are many creative ideas you can explore to capture stunning images of automobiles. We are considering some car photoshoot ideas. Let’s beginning:

Golden Hour Shoot: Capture your car during the golden hours of sunrise or sunset, when the soft, warm light enhances the beauty of the vehicle. Taking pictures during these times gives them a natural look. You will never forget shooting the car photos at golden hour.

Natural Scenery: Head to scenic locations like mountains, beaches, forests, or deserts, and use the natural landscape to complement the car’s aesthetic. It will give your car photos a unique look in harmony with nature.

Urban Setting: Place the car in a cityscape or urban environment with skyscrapers, graffiti walls, or modern architecture as a backdrop for a contrast between the car’s sleek design and the urban surroundings. Which will make the image of your car more luxurious?

Reflections: Look for reflective surfaces like still water or glass buildings to create captivating reflection shots of the car. It makes the car look more than attractive and charming. So you can never ignore it. En passant, it is the key to the beauty of the car.

Close-Up Details: Focus on close-up shots of the car’s details, such as the grille, wheels, badges, or interior elements.

Light Painting: Create artistic and unique images by using light painting techniques to highlight specific parts of the car at night.

Garage or Studio Shoot: Shoot the car in a clean and controlled environment, like a well-lit garage or studio, to eliminate distractions and highlight the car’s features.

Lifestyle Shots: Incorporate people into the photoshoot to showcase the car in real-life situations, such as a family road trip, a romantic getaway, or a stylish urban commute.

In this article, we explored various categories of car photoshoots and unique ideas for them. The quality of an image totally depends on the photographer. So, to take quality photos, you must hire a professional photographer.

Discover Excellence with Navnit Maruti, Your Premier Maruti Suzuki Car Dealer in Thane

Welcome to the world of Navnit Maruti, where driving dreams come true! As the leading Maruti Suzuki car dealer in Thane, we take pride in offering an unparalleled automotive experience. Whether you’re a first-time car buyer, looking to upgrade, or seeking reliable service, Navnit Maruti is your trusted partner in every step of the journey.

Why Choose Navnit Maruti?

Extensive Maruti Suzuki Lineup: At Navnit Maruti, we boast an extensive range of Maruti Suzuki cars, catering to every taste and requirement. From the compact and fuel-efficient models like the Alto and WagonR to the stylish and spacious Baleno and Vitara Brezza, we have the perfect Maruti Suzuki car for you.

Unmatched Customer Service: Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff at your Maruti Suzuki Car Dealer in Thane are always ready to assist you, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable car-buying experience. We take the time to understand your needs and guide you towards the Maruti Suzuki model that best suits your lifestyle.

Competitive Pricing and Financing Options: At Navnit Maruti, we believe in making quality cars accessible to everyone. Your Maruti Suzuki Car Dealer in Thane ensures transparent pricing and flexible financing options, making it easier for you to drive home your dream Maruti Suzuki car without breaking the bank. We work with leading financial institutions to provide you with the best loan options tailored to your budget.

Well developed Showroom and Service Center: Our modern showroom in Thane is designed to offer you a comfortable and immersive experience. Explore the latest Maruti Suzuki models in a well-lit and spacious environment. Additionally, our service center is equipped with advanced technology and skilled technicians to keep your Maruti Suzuki car running smoothly for years to come.

Comprehensive After-Sales Support: Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the showroom. Navnit Maruti, your Maruti Suzuki Car Dealer in Thane, provides comprehensive after-sales support, including routine maintenance, repairs, and genuine Maruti Suzuki spare parts. Trust us to keep your vehicle in optimal condition throughout its lifespan.


When it comes to Maruti Suzuki cars in Thane, Navnit Maruti stands out as the premier Maruti Suzuki Car Dealer in Thane for quality, service, and customer satisfaction. Visit our showroom today to experience the excellence that has made us the preferred choice for Maruti Suzuki enthusiasts in Thane. Drive home your dream car with confidence, knowing that Navnit Maruti, your Maruti Suzuki Car Dealer in Thane, is with you every mile of the way!