How to buy VIATE in India?

The Vitae utility token is supported with a high-tech blockchain. Vitae AG does not sell nor buy Vitae tokens, they can only be traded on independent exchanges.

Koinbazar – India’s most trusted cryptocurrency & bitcoin exchange platform with ultra-secure, professional, comfort and you can easily buy bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Trade VITAE to INR on koinbazar but before that, you have to complete the below-mentioned steps as follows.

How to register your account:

The below-mentioned steps are to complete your account registration process,

Step 1: Visit the Koinbazar website.

Step 2: Select signup and enroll the details required.

Step 3: Once you complete, click “Create Account”. An activation mail will send it to your registered Email-ID.

Step 4: Open it and click the activation link. And your account is successfully created.

Steps to complete the KYC verification process:

The below-mentioned steps are to complete your KYC verification process,

Step 1: Sign in to your account and select Account —> Profile

Step 2: Under the KYC section you need to complete the following prospects.

i. Choose your required ID proof.

ii. Upload your frontside and backside ID Proof.

iii. Take a selfie of your face for KYC identification.

Step 3: Click Save. And your KYC verification process will be completed shortly.

After the procedures get complete, you can legally deposit your funds by connecting your bank details or from the external wallets to your koinbazar wallet. So, start buy and sell Vitae/INR safely with us and enjoy a hassle-free trading experience.

Places to Get Moving Boxes

Places to Find Boxes For Moving

Are you looking to locate boxes for moving? There are all types of expenses associated with moving from one home to another, but one of the ones you can definitely save some money on (for more important things) has to be the moving boxes you use to put all your belongings in.

There are plenty of places you can get boxes for moving for completely FREE, and we want to go over some of those locations so you can get your hands on them, so you’re prepared for the big move!

Maximum Real Estate Exposure has a comprehensive list of both free and paid moving box resources but let’s take a look at some of them here.


Craigslist is one of the best places to get yourself some free stuff, beyond just getting boxes for your move.

We have found that the best way to get moving boxes, though, is at the start of a new week, as there will be plenty of people looking to get rid of the boxes they just used for their own move the week before.

Some of the other places on this list will need you to ask in-person to see if they have any boxes for moving, but with Craiglist, you can just keep checking up on your phone now and again.

This will allow you to go round town asking for boxes while checking on the craigslist site in between!

Liquor Stores

Stores, especially liquor stores, have an endless supply of boxes that are only ever going to get thrown into the recycling bins, thanks to the large number of shipments they receive daily.

This is a great opportunity for you to swoop in and grab some free boxes, giving them a new lease of life!

We’re not advising you to go round the back of the store and go through their bins, though.

Just ask at the front desk, and we’re sure that management will be more than happy to give you free moving boxes to help with your upcoming move.

Other Local Businesses

Stores in your are area are some of the best places to find boxes for moving. Quite often you can find them for free.

Below are some of the best choices in your hunt for moving boxes.

These companies get regular deliveries to restock their shelves and often have more boxes than they know what to do with. Inquire with the manager, to see if they will let you take some boxes.

Here are some of the more popular places where you might find moving boxes.

Best Buy
Dollar Store
Sam’s Club
Office Depot

Just like the liquor stores in your area, your local Walmart is the holy grail of finding boxes as they take in many, many shipments per day.

They’re going to be left with heaps of boxes that they just have no use for.

Walmart will throw them away anyway, so you might as well get your hands on them if you can.


So don’t be afraid of looking heap’ when asking someone who works there if they’ve got any boxes you can take away for your home move. Another thing to keep in mind is that Walmart also sells boxes that are specifically for moving.

So if you strike out talking to a manager about taking away some of their shipping boxes, you can just head down to the moving box isle and pluck some there.

Dollar stores

With constant shipments of cheap and inexpensive goods coming through their doors every day, there are plenty of boxes just sat around in the back rooms of dollar stores that are ready for the taking.

Just turn up and ask someone if they’ve got any free, and we’re sure they’ll be more than happy to give you free moving boxes.

You probably won’t even be able to carry them all yourself, so bring a friend too!

Facebook Community groups

There are plenty of great community groups on Facebook, where a bunch of people from your area will have gotten together for one reason or another.

Whether that’s from a mutual interest in a particular topic or because they want to swap and sell their unwanted goods to each other.

These groups are also a great opportunity for anyone looking for help too.

So why not check out some of the local groups near you and ask if anyone has any spare boxes for moving that they currently have no use for. Facebook is good for many things, and you can add them to your list when trying to find your moving boxes.

Your friends

One of the many places people forget when they’re thinking about where to get moving boxes from definitely has to be their friends.

We are quick to think about our local stores’ possibilities of having free boxes for us to take, but we always forget that our friends might have some too.

And they’re going to be more than willing to part ways with them since they are your friends after all.

So, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and give your favorite person a call to see if they’ve got any moving boxes for you to take. Who knows, maybe they’ll even offer to help you move home too!

Final Thoughts on Where to Find Moving Boxes

Other than changing your mailing address there aren’t many more tasks more critical than finding boxes to execute your move. After all, it is hard to get your move underway without having found your moving boxes. This should be a task that is put right at the top of your moving to-do list. Hopefully, you can use some of these ideas and find the boxes you need!

PNB Housing Finance Q2 results: Net profit dips 15% to Rs 312 crore

PNB Housing Finance NSE 2.25 % reported a 15 percent dip in net profit on lower business volume and deterioration in asset quality while the company is still in limbo about raising growth capital.

Net profit for the mortgage lender stood at Rs 312 crore in the September quarter against Rs 367 crore in the year-ago period. Pre provision operating Profit remained stable at Rs 575 crore compared to Rs 578 crore over the same period.

The company’s net interest margin stood at 3.5 percent as compared to 3.2 percent a year back.

Its loan disbursements nearly halved at Rs 2,444 crore in the second quarter compared with Rs 4,969 crore in the year-ago period. Its asset under management (AUM) shrunk to Rs 81,221 crore from Rs 89,471 crore.

The company said its loan disbursements during the quarter witnessed gradual pick up, primarily in the retail segment, and has reached 86 percent of pre-Covid-19 levels. Retail loans contribute 82 percent of the AUM.

Its gross NPA stood at 2.59 percent of loan assets while net NPA stood at 1.46 percent against 0.65 percent a year back.

The board of PNB Housing Finance has already approved to raise Rs 1800 crore through rights issue or preferential issue to augment its capital base. The decision will be subject to requisite approvals including those from shareholders through a general body meeting or postal ballots, the company said in the exchange filing. Its shares had climbed over 10% as investors anticipated the fundraise. Its promoter Punjab National Bank NSE 0.56 % is awaiting the regulator’s approval to pump in up to Rs 600 crore in the company, which has been looking to mobilize capital for over three quarters now.

ACE Digital Platform

“Demand for Housing Loan to improve,” said Hardayal Prasad, MD, CEO of the company. PNB Housing Finance is set to launch the housing finance industry’s first digital platform for loans offering. With the launch of its ACE digital platform, the company intends to leverage the technology to offer a convenient and contactless loan process for its customers.

The new digital platform automates the end-to-end loan process, including data collection and verification as well as lead generation and management through various digital channels.

Using this new platform, the customers can upload documents online leading to a backward integration of the verification process such as PAN, Aadhaar, digital signatures, and video-based KYC and geo-tagging. The information is then integrated into the company’s underwriting platform for further processing of the loan application.

For FY21, the company has set a target of 9-10% of new loans through its ACE digital platform as the pandemic will also motivate prospective customers to use this new digital channel for the loans they need. NSE india limited Shares

What Does NRE Account Have To Offer?

Each person must learn to value and appreciate them and stay prepared in life for any obstacle. Without compromising their needs, finance has helped most citizens solve and tackle the most profound problems.

When settling overseas for jobs or even going there for a holiday, it is better to be financially prepared. Emergencies come without warning, be it in India or any country in the world. Therefore, while they are away from their parents living in India, many Indian migrants choose an NRI account to help them meet their costs. They try to save money in foreign currency, but, upon conversion, it switches to the local currency of the recipient country.

To open the NRE accounts, individuals and applicants are required to meet eligibility requirements which are different for each bank and financial institution. Without these, the applicant cannot request the account.

Following are the conditions for opening this account:

The individual should have a job, own a corporation, or practise some trade in a foreign country.
The applicant should work for at least 182 days with the Indian Navy, an oil rig, a registered foreign airline, or an overseas shipping firm, specifying that he or she is outside India’s domestic territory.
The goal of many students is to seek education in foreign countries. They are also given a chance to gain from this account.
Following are the benefits of opening this account

One of the key benefits of the NRE accounts for individuals is that, through the Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) or NRI Portfolio Investment, they can participate in the stock market trading and various investment schemes funded by financial institutions.
Individuals with NRE accounts can enjoy tax-free interest income on their deposits under the Income Tax Act 1961.
Without significant risks associated with stock market volatility, NRIs investing their funds in any fixed deposit account may get substantial NRE savings account interest rates on total deposits.
Individuals may deposit their earnings from a foreign nation into an FCNR without conversion to INR. NRIs may use it to prevent fluctuations in the exchange rate that reduce the value of the deposit.
List of documents required:

Passport photocopy
Valid Visa
Overseas address proof, preferably three months old

Insurance in Nigeria

Today’s insurers face a wide range of complex challenges, from navigating financial market uncertainty and evolving consumer demands to outpacing digitally savvy new competitors. While these factors may add new risk, they also present opportunities for insurers, reinsurers, and brokers, to rethink strategy, redesign financial and capital models, revamp sales, service and support processes with technology, or explore new growth in emerging markets or through product innovation.

Intensified regulatory scrutiny and enhanced compliance and capital requirements through Own Risk and Solvency (ORSA), IFRS and Solvency ll regimes are at the forefront. Tax Morality and Transparency rate high on the agenda. Modernizing technology and processes to derive value from the vast volume of data, securing the best talent from an ever shrinking pool, and driving efficiencies in front and back office operations will continue to challenge business models for several years to come.

KPMG’s multi-disciplinary insurance teams, led by senior partners with deep industry expertise and strong client relationships, emphasize collaboration and knowledge transfer to help ensure your organization is empowered for the future.

KPMG member firms recognize the importance of innovation in the insurance industry as technology has constantly disrupted this space. The thought leadership materials capture these disruptive technologies and where the industry is headed.

Insurtech 10: Trends for 2019
The insurance industry is on the brink of a major revolution as adoption of insurtech enters a new phase.

Data is the driving force for these innovations, as it remains tantalizingly close, but not yet in the full control of many businesses.

There are no quick fixes that allow insurers to clean up their data. Insurtech is the means to transform insurance from an arcane policy-led industry into one that succeeds by placing the customer at the heart of everything it does.

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Accelerated evolution: M&A, transformation and innovation in the insurance industry
For the insurance industry, the need to find new opportunities for sustainable and profitable growth has become an imperative. Agile competitors are emerging, demonstrating the potential to leverage technology-enabled business and operating models to more effectively and efficiently engage with customers — and meet their changing preferences and evolving protection needs.

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Clarity on Insurance Digitalization
Digitalization – the next stage in technological innovation. As it throws up new opportunities and challenges, the sheer extent and speed of change can be daunting. Yet staying ahead of latest developments is critical to avoiding becoming a ‘digital dinosaur’ who is out of line with customer expectations.

In fact, digital change affects almost every aspect of an insurer’s business, from customer offerings to internal processes. Given the breadth and speed of change, only a truly agile culture can enable an insurer to continually adapt and reshape itself to stay relevant in this rapidly changing environment. Not to mention becoming a digital leader in customers’ eyes.

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General Insurance Industry Review 2018
Insurance profit for the year ended 30 June 2018 was up 4 percent to $5,010 million, a further improvement on the previous year’s strong result. Favourable net perils experience and higher than expected reserve releases contributed to this result. This is line with our prediction last year as the industry benefits from the long awaited upswing in the insurance cycle.

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Insurance technology: Progress on digital strategies
The emerging technology radar breaks down disruptive technologies and shows their expected time to impact and the size of impact.

Emerging technologies that are impacting industries today or will make a significant impact within five years are defined by radar as ‘strategic’. Companies are seeking to fully understand and proactively implement solutions in these areas.

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The New Deal: Driving insurance transformation with strategy-aligned M&A
Disruption is shaking the fundamentals of the insurance industry. This is true structural change, not just a cycle. New technologies, new competitors, new markets, new regulations, and changing consumer behaviors are all creating tremendous opportunities, and posing significant risk to the legacy insurance business model. To succeed in this dynamic environment organizations are reevaluating their portfolio of business and rationalizing their global footprint to strategically determine ‘where to play’ and ‘how to win’ in the future. One of the immediate consequences of this trend is the expected rise in deal activity in the global insurance industry.

Industry participants are increasingly getting more strategic about their inorganic growth initiatives. Traditional approaches to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) which have been largely reactive to immediate deal opportunities, are no longer sufficient. Insurance executives and their shareholders expect their investments to drive transformation within their organization over the long term, rather than deals that could be financially accretive in the short term but are not sustainable.

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List Of Things One Should Consider Before Going For A Home Loan

Credit Score

A credit score is one of the most significant and fundamental factors which banks consider prior to giving any loan to their clients. Along these lines, any person who wants to benefit a home loan ought to keep up a decent credit score as it is a fundamental prerequisite to apply for any sort of loan inside the financial area. Along these lines, it is imperative to have a CIBIL score of more than 750 to have the option to benefit a home loan and acquire better interest rates on your home loan.

Interest rate

Each individual should check and consider the home loan interest rate of a few banks and budgetary foundations. Any individual who needs to profit home loan should think about various moneylenders for the least interest rates accessible. Before that one ought to know about the various kinds of interest rates accessible.

Home Loan Tenure

Each person who wants to benefit a home loan ought to choose home loan tenure prior to profiting a home loan. Your home loan EMIs legitimately rely upon your home loan tenure. Banks will in general lean toward home loan candidates with more limited reimbursement period. The short reimbursement period is likewise valuable for you as it diminishes the home loan interest trouble on your EMIs.

Processing Fees

Processing fees are the charge that any home loan borrower needs to pay to the bank once the home loan application is acknowledged. For the most part, various banks or money related organizations energize loan processing expense to 1% of the home loan that they dispense. You have to look for the correct bank that charges low processing expense or charge irrelevant processing fees.


Equated Monthly Installments is the instalment that a borrower needs to make each month towards reimbursement of the home loan. The EMI sum relies upon you. EMI sum likewise rely upon the down instalment you make at the hour of purchasing your home. More the down instalment you make lesser is the pressure of remarkable sum which will change over into EMIs.You can Calculate EMI through Home Loan EMI Calculator.

Home Loan Documents

Prior to profiting a home loan, you should consistently peruse the terms and states of your bank or monetary foundation cautiously prior to marking the documents identified with your home loan. You ought to know about the various charges, fees and punishments referenced in your home loan archive.

Down Payment

By and large, when you profit any home loan, you are needed to pay 10% to 15% of the all-out home loan sum as down instalment. The remainder of the home loan sum is changed over as your home loan EMI, which you will be needed to pay monthly. On the off chance that you have surplus money accessible, you can build the down instalment as it would assist you with saving money on the interest to be paid in future.

Canara Bank home loan offers interest rate at 6.90% to 10.05%, with loan tenure stretching out as long as 30 years. The processing expense remains at 0.50% of the loan sum. Both salaried and independently employed people can apply for Canara Bank home loan that can be benefited for home buy, plot buy, home development and home remodel.

The GST Bill and the GST Return – The Eight Pros and Cons of It

Which Were GST Benefits?

In India the tax had a cascading impact for a long time. In simpler terms, the tax obligation at each point of the transaction was passed to the next party. This tax-on-tax program kept the price of the product or service rising. The burden of the tax is transferred onto the customer with GST replacing the pre-existing system. It implies better control over working capital and greater cash flow to industry. The most notable benefit of GST Bill is the abolition of this tax on tax impact.

Besides this, there are 8 additional paybacks that a company can get online after registering for GST Consultants in Chennai.

Input tax credited:

When a service provider (or manufacturer) pays tax on their output, the tax that was levied on their inputs can be subtracted. The final tax owed is the reduced sum which means the tax burden on the service provider is significantly reduced.

Fiscal evasion controls:

The input tax is only creditable to a service provider if the input supplier lists the specifics of the same in their report. It means the service or products provider has to be honest about their tax returns, which curb evasion.

More Openness:

Since taking use of the GST benefits requires complete information disclosure, licensed retailers can not have hidden costs and taxes.

Small Business Support:

The tax burden has greatly reduced, along with enforcement, for small businesses. In addition, composition schemes can be used under GST organizations that have turnover of 20 to 75 Lakh rupees.

Threshold for higher turnover:

Any company which had a turnover of 5 lakhs was expected to pay under VAT. (The limit varies by state) GST raised the threshold to Rs . 20 lakh which exempts all small businesses.

More references to:

Before GST there was separate enforcement for each tax imposed. Service tax, for example, had to be paid every month or every four months and there were monthly excise returns. A company only has to file one return after registration of GST online.

Enhanced logistics:

The restrictions imposed on transportation of goods from one state to another have been lessened with GST in place. This means that warehouses just need to be set up in a few areas, rather than in any city or state. Unlike the previous tax regime, running costs have shrunk, and operations have increased.

Improved Sector organization:

With one country, one tax levied, industries such as textiles and construction are getting more regulated. We will follow enforcement and payment requirements that make them more structured and accountable.

What are GST Drawbacks?

GST’s most influential downside is for the short term. When applied, since the input credit would be in lock-up, it can substantially disrupt a firm’s working capital. The downside should be removed until the transfer process is over.

The short-term downside is that each company will have a higher operational expense, as they will have to train staff in GST rules and regulations to recruit professionals instead. The latter option is similarly expensive.

To small business, which had been free from tax system shackles, it means getting on their feet quickly. They have to understand the complexities of GST, as they will comply with any invoice they produce.

The tax exemption on indigenous manufacturing units has been substantially reduced from a Rs. 1.5 crores turnover to Rs. 20 lakhs.

Although the tax is claimed as a single umbrella that reduces effort, because of the division of: it is still hindered from achieving the objective:

GST Office

State TBS

Integrated Phase

A similar downside is for companies with presence in pan-India. Although said to be one system of taxation, each state still has its own compliances. It means that each state-owned enterprise has a branch in it, they must register and know their individual GST procedures.

GST Return is filled out online. Although this is seen as a principal benefit for a majority of the country, it is a disadvantage for others. The earlier tax was made on pen and paper which was easy for non-tech-savvy small businesses to pay. The online program now allows people to submit invoices and the complicated returns.

A good on discount was paid on the price before GST after deduction of the discount. Now, the price of the tax is pre-discount. Therefore all services with discounts and incentives will be affected.

As of the GST Act, ownership of the company is now in the possession of the central and state government, since the owner is bound by statute. This seeds more challenges for businessmen. is a popular gst registration company with experts on hand for anybody who still has concerns about GST Bill or about filling out their returns. Not only do they alleviate some misunderstanding but they can also assist with GST filing Chennai, GST advisory and registration. Hop over to get more detail about their expertise on their blog!

SGX Nifty Indicates a Record Opening; IDBI Bank and Punjab National Bank Open their QIPs

Distribution days: Three

Nifty made a muted opening yesterday and slipped further in the initial hours of the trading session. However, it staged a reversal from the day’s low of 13,447 and recovered about 120 points to close flat for the day. Volume was lower than the previous session. In the broader market, Midcap continued to outperform with a gain of 0.5%, while Smallcap posted a mediocre gain of 0.2%. Nifty is trading 3.2% and 8.8% above its 21- and 50-DMA, respectively. Also, whenever any intraday dip occurred in the last few trading sessions, market participants immediately bought it, marking a positive sign, which indicates strength in the current uptrend.

On the sectoral front, Nifty Media (+1.8%) continued to advance the most, followed by Nifty Metal and Fin Service, which gained 0.8% each for the day. On the flip side, Nifty PSU Bank and FMCG declined in the range of 1.3–1.5%. Market breadth was skewed toward advancers. Of 2,233 stocks traded, 1,204 stocks advanced, 697 declined, and the remaining stocks remained unchanged.

With leadership broadening and indices above relevant intermediate term-moving averages, we will continue to look for leadership-quality growth names to form entry points. After a strong rally, pullback/consolidation (if any) is a constructive sign if Nifty holds its 21-DMA. It is advised to closely review the existing positions and book partial profits in stocks that are extended from their moving averages. On the flip side, tracking distribution days is crucial. An accumulation of distribution days can halt the uptrend.

Key News

Punjab National Bank and Idbi Bank opened their QIPs on December 15 at a floor price of Rs 37.35/share and Rs 40.63/share, respectively.

According to MFIN report, loans disbursed by NBFCs-MFIs declined 43% y/y to Rs 10,617 crore in the September quarter.

O’Neil Market Condition Report

For the 24 emerging markets tracked by our institutional research team, the market status breakdown is as follows: Confirmed Uptrend, 92%; Rally Attempt, 0%; Uptrend Under Pressure, 8%; Downtrend, 0%.

For the 24 developed markets tracked by our institutional research team, the market status breakdown is as follows: Confirmed Uptrend, 67%; Rally Attempt, 0%; Uptrend Under Pressure, 33%; Downtrend, 0%.

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SGX Nifty Indicates a Muted Opening; Indian Bank and Bank of Maharashtra Raise Funds Via Bonds

Distribution days: Three

Yesterday, Nifty, after a gap up opening, slipped toward the day’s low of 13,473 in the first half of the trading session. However, it posted a handsome recovery in the last hour and came off-lows to close 0.3% higher. Volume was lower than the previous session. Broader markets outperformed as Midcap and Smallcap indices gained 0.6% and 0.8%, respectively. Nifty is trading 9.0% and 25.3% above its 50- and 200-DMA.

On the sectoral front, Nifty Media advanced the most, followed by Nifty Metal and PSU Bank, which gained 1.4% and 1.8% for the day. On the flip side, Nifty Realty and Auto declined in the range of 1.0–1.1%. Market breadth was skewed toward advancers. Of 2,233 stocks traded, 1,204 stocks advanced, 697 declined, and the remaining stocks remained unchanged.

With leadership broadening and indices above relevant intermediate term-moving averages, we will continue to look for leadership-quality growth names to form entry points. After a strong rally, pullback/consolidation (if any) is a constructive sign if Nifty holds its 21-DMA. It is advised to closely review the existing positions and book partial profits in stocks that are extended from their moving averages. On the flip side, tracking distribution days is crucial. Accumulation of distribution days can halt the uptrend.

Key News

Retail inflation for November decreased to 6.93% from 7.61% a month ago.

Indian Bank raised Rs 560 crore by issuing Basel-III compliant bonds on a private placement basis. The coupon on the bond is 8.44% per annum, payable annually.

Bank Of Maharashtra has raised more than Rs 200 crore through a private placement basis. This is part of the company’s Rs 1,000 crore fundraising program.

O’Neil Market Condition Report

For the 24 emerging markets tracked by our institutional research team, the market status breakdown is as follows: Confirmed Uptrend, 92%; Rally Attempt, 0%; Uptrend Under Pressure, 8%; Downtrend, 0%.

For the 24 developed markets tracked by our institutional research team, the market status breakdown is as follows: Confirmed Uptrend, 67%; Rally Attempt, 0%; Uptrend Under Pressure, 33%; Downtrend, 0%.

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Accounts Payable Automation – Optimize Cash Flow in your Business Ecosystem

Process automation future proofs your business setup. It builds up the business’ infrastructure such that you can stay ahead of the disruptions that crop up time and again. Accounts Payable automation is the lifeline of your business ecosystem, your vendors, your value chains, and supply chains. It helps you to make timely payments such that your ecosystem is resilient and has sustained cash flows. It is live and buoyant and your supply is ensured and ready next time.

How Accounts Payable Automation optimizes cash flow in your business ecosystem?
Assume a scenario consisting of client W and vendors X, Y, and Z. Client W has to pay his vendors regularly and in time such that they are able to process the supplies and have ready availability of raw material. If vendors X, Y, and Z are not able to process the supplies, client W’s business gets affected thus affecting his cash flow too.

Accounts Payable Automation allows business ecosystems to always keep the lights on. As sending invoice images and making payments becomes online, cash flows are optimized, and processing of supplies becomes seamless thus keeping the ecosystem functioning smoothly.

This solution engages straight-through processing (STP) by using intelligent document processing (IDP), robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML), analytics, and workflows. It captures and routes the data from the invoice images to the respective units for processing.

How does Accounts Payable Automation work?
The AP solution uses 2/3 way auto-matching using goods received note (GRN) and advanced shipping notice (ASN) and auto-route the payment advice through pre-defined logic to the concerned stakeholders.

In-built auto-validations, pre-defined thresholds and variances, as well as pre-defined logic, enables auto-detection of duplicates, fraud, etc., at the inception.

Visualization elements and dashboards display different process KPIs, offer visibility, and transparency across the entire process.

Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation
The solution allows functioning with limited resources and keeps the entire business ecosystem live and thriving.

Auto-processing with scanned bill images, GRN, and ASN
Auto-validation based on pre-defined logic
Auto-detection of duplicates
Initiation of duplicate payment recovery
Booking early payment discount
Simply put
Accounts Payable Automation allows to future-proof the payables function. It allows to function with limited resources and improves the cash flow in the overall business ecosystem.