Tips to Make Most Convertible Landing Page for Your Business

At Techno Pearls, we know how it is crucial for us to curate the high building landing page for your business and industry segment, but with these five distinctive practices, we hope we can get you on the right foot towards the higher conversion rate and lead generation. Now, we will discuss the best practices to convert your landing pages into the most convertible ones.

The main key to properly utilizing these landing pages and attaining the higher conversion rates needs to be more analytical with the data we are viewing with our distinctive tools like Hot jar/Lucky Orange (for the heat mapping) and become consistent with our A/B Testing methods. Assuming that you have a perfect strategy for the testing and have set up the tools properly, lets us take you forward to the best marketing practices:

Decide Your Conversion Goal and CTA
To initiate this, we have a simple and overlooked philosophy of having just one goal of conversion and CTA Button, which align. Why do we just have one path of conversion on the landing page design?

Let us say that you are running a PPC Campaign with a very apt CTA, on which a prospective customer clicks on and arrives on your page, which has a different CTA. With this, Your PPC Manager mad at you their conversion will go down the drain and also your website visitor would likely to go down the path a far away from your offer.

The main reason why we call them the landing page and not the websites is they are specialized for one goal as adding the multiple goals on it is like poking many holes in the straw while drinking. So, it is quite necessary to ensure that you have only one concrete conversion goal and offer on the page. It will not only enhance your conversion rate, but it makes creating content for said page a lot easier if everything is driving towards a singular goal.

Ensure that your offer is appropriate for the stage of the funnel
While using the landing page as the part of your PPC campaign, you should not worry too much about your potential customers being at the correct part of the funnel as a good and reliable PPC manager will always make sure that they are moving towards the right target audience. However, it’s still something you need to consider during the planning stages of your landing page optimization strategies and deciding what content would be appropriate for someone at that stage of the funnel.

Use Multi Step Form
It is the best practice specifically to the lead-generation landing page, but is important to enhance your conversion rates for the pages that comprises forms with more than four input fields. In practice, a multi-step form breaks up several fields into multiple steps, hence the name “multi-step.” When a visitor completes one step of the form, they continue on to the next step, until the form is submitted.

Personalize your landing page design
Customizing or personalizing your landing page is something which is new and simple to do by using the exclusive keyword insertion and the platforms like Dynamic Yields and Proofs. The main idea behind the personalized landing page to attract the customer with most appropriate content but being too specific can have an adverse effect. For instance, if you arrive over a page that knew intimate details about you such as your age, race, gender, etc. and displayed it prominently, how would that make you feel? Gross? Violated? Would you convert? Not likely.

Make it load fast
One of the most crucial aspect of an attractive and convertible landing page is the speed of the page. The page speed is one of the important things, which is easier to improve assuming your landing page is running on fast and stable servers.